Irrigation Services

manual and automatic irrigation servicesProfusion Irrigation can offer irrigation systems and irrigation services to any type of clientele. We have experience with residential clients; corporate companies and also innumerable experience with large equestrian groups.

Borehole Services

We offer a reliable and inclusive service when it comes to boreholes. No matter what it is you need, from maintenance to installation, our dedicated team of experts are equipped to assist.

Automatic Irrigation Systems

Automatic irrigation services can benefit all clients, as this is a system that will automatically provide your land with water at a specific time and on a specific piece of land. This system saves you money and time. This will also add to the value of your property in the future, as an automatic irrigation system is well sought after.

Manual Irrigation Systems

A manual irrigation system can be designed specifically for the individual and for the land. It is also a system that will put you in control and allow you to water your garden from a specific point.

Installation and design of new Irrigation Systems

When we install irrigation ,we always work closely with the client at hand.We are able to customise the best irrigation system for each client and offer our expert advice on what will be best for your property.

Service and maintenance of Irrigation Systems

Our expertise do not simply stop at the installation of your irrigation system. We are on call to maintain and service your irrigation systems at all times.