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Profusion Irrigation

Profusion Irrigation was established by Heinrich Van Vuuren over a decade ago and has grown rapidly. We have become one of the leaders in the irrigation (besproeiing) industry because of our dedicated team, cost-effective pricing and quality irrigation systems and instant lawn solutions.

Our personalised service sets Profusion Irrigation apart as one of the leading installation experts of irrigation systems Johannesburg has. It is this unique service that guarantees client satisfaction and has become the core of our business mission and vision. Because of our advanced experience in the industry, we are aware that individual land requires customised landscape irrigation system, and we take each and every clients needs into consideration when installation or maintenance begins.

Profusion Irrigation is able to design your individual irrigation systems to suit your specific requirements of your land. Our unmatched services do not simply stop once installation has been completed. Profusion Irrigation is in it for the long haul, and our expertise are expansive. Our knowledge and skills also lie in maintenance of land; irrigation repairs; irrigation maintenance; instant lawn maintenance; irrigation design.

Our team at Profusion Irrigation will design and install a complete or partial landscaping irrigation system on your property, and treat your land with the respect that it deserves. Irrigation/ besproeiing is our business and our passion.

We at Profusion Irrigation will conscientiously install your automatic irrigation system; instant lawn or irrigation mines. We will be sure to install your particular irrigation solution promptly and will apply your installation with minimum disturbance.

Profusion Irrigation offers the most competitive prices and will always maximise the use of water resources. It is our level of service that leave our customers satisfied. Our impeccable service is what we pride ourselves on the most, and what drives us forward in the irrigation business. Heinrich Van Vuuren has built up a reliable, professional and unmatched irrigation business. One that is constantly growing and always at the forefront of the irrigation industry.